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Billy Mays is devoted to Billy Mays, the many products he endorses and of course his catch phrase "Hi, Billy Mays Here".

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Was Billy Mays Hooked on the Yayo?

Billy Mays on cocaine

A recent coroner's report suggests that Billy Mays used cocaine just days before his death.

Dr. Chrostowski performed the autopsy which concluded that Billy died of heart disese. In his report he states "cocaine use caused or contributed to the development of his heart disease, and thereby contributed to his death."

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Was it all just the coke talking?

Billy Mays was best known for his enthusiasm, which I thought was because he endorsed AWESOME products like Big City Sliders and the Weed Aug. But was it all just the cocaine talking?

I mean let's be honest, Billy has always been a little intense. Plus with those Hollywood good looks, it doesn't surprise me that he'd dabble with the nose candy.

But WTF Billy? This is some serious Sham-Wow shit.

Did Billy Do It? (The Cocaine)

Billy Mays is a real american hero and deserves a fair trial. So let's consider some facts:

Facts proving Billy loved cocaine:

  1. Billy was found dead in Tampa, which is just 4 hours from Miami
  2. Billy had a cokehead 80's beard
  3. Billy was REALLY intense

Facts proving Billy was just enthusiastic:

  1. Billy was a family man
  2. Billy always hated Vince from Sham-Wow (who is clearly a cokehead)
  3. Billy was kind of a dork

But before jumping to conclusions, let Billy defend himself.

Our Verdict: Total Bullshit

There's no way in hell Billy was doing blow. What the fuck were you thinking? Billy Mays is an American hero.

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